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chisa ononiwu

I think that the man in red will continue to get bigger as well. and he will start to suffer lower back problems because of his stomach sticking out and his slouch position up top. He's in a lordosis position which will cause major pain.

I think that the man in the red will have major hip problems. As you can see, he has a slight lean to his left. This puts more pressure on his hips and more pressure on that left leg. He will be struggling to walk straight and his shoulders will also be out of alignment


I definitely think the guy in the tan is going to get a large gut, lose his calves and butt. He has homogenious posture so if he can help that maybe he could help himself. THe guy in the red is a little harder. he already has a gut so he would have to change his lifestyle to reduce it. his hands are in the front of him so he should work on posture and pulling his shoulders back which would pull his hands back as well, this would engage his abs and maybe help him lose that gut otherwise he will just keep getting a big one.

Nick Brock

I think the man in the red shirt will eventually stand completely lopsided because from the way he's standing it looks like he puts most of his weight on the left leg. Without strengthening his abs he will get a bigger belly as well. The man in the tan looks like he is on his way to becoming diebetic. You can tell from the back that his belly is rounded. In ten years I would predect a bigger belly and too much curvature in the lumbar region of his spine. More then likely a diebetic unless he makes some serious lifestyle changes.

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